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Xp Goes Unsupported On April 6th


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I tried to update my Windows XP computer to SP3 but it didn't work for some reason, my computer says it is still running XP2, I use Chrome as my browser and lately Chrome has been having some problems, freezing up mostly. Would it help me to go with another browser? Which one? 


I checked several sources, and it looks like there is no way around buying Win 7 or Win 10 if you haven't already upgraded a year ago.   PC World says that most computers that run XP have 32 bit processors, so it probably wouldn't make sense to buy Win 10 without buying a new computer (which would probably come pre-loaded with Win 10 anyway).  I think the transition from XP to Win 7 should be relatively painless.  The price range for Win 7 is pretty broad, with the lowest seen at $17.98 and the highest seen at $149.96 although you could probably buy a license on Amazon for less (and just download the software on-line).




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On an unrelated topic, a forum that advertises itself as a science forum would tend to deter many people from joining or posting.  Although this topic is a little dated, note that no one but myself has posted here since over a year ago.  Perhaps the administrators should narrow the number of topics into a few broad topics, or just list each individual thread by heading.  Also ditch the "science for everyone" subtitle as science is intimidating to the general public.

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