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My File On Wittgenstein


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I began collecting items on Wittgenstein when teaching English literature at matriculation level and philosophy in the early 1990s at what is now a polytechnic in Western Australia. I had come across him before, but never as frequently.  I opened a file which now contains the results of the first 23 years(1991-2014) of my collecting, a periodic and largely serendipitous exercise. As a TLS article in 2005 put it, in introducing the subject of Wittgenstein:


“Why are artists so fascinated by Ludwig Wittgenstein? Frege is a philosopher’s philosopher, and Bertrand Russell was every shopkeeper’s idea of a sage; but Wittgenstein is the philosopher of poets and composers, novelists and movie directors. Derek Jarman made his last major film about him; Bruce Duffy plucked a novel from his tormented life in The World As I Found It; M. A. Numminem has set Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus to music in his Tractatus Suite, and garbled fragments of the same text can be heard croaked in a hilarious stage-German accent by a Dutch pop group. The list is long.”


So, a start has been made to my formal collection of resources on this philosopher.--Ron Price, 24/3/'14.


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After ten months, ErlyRisa, it is high time I replied to your post. I have given some thought to your question about just who is an artist. I do this at this sub-section of my website: http://www.ronpriceepoch.com/Art.html Thanks for your comment and question, ErlyRisa.-Ron


Yep, thankyou.


You seem tobe questioning alot centered around the topic of 'what art is'.


There is so much of it now: and it is stored forever. Making the perception of creativity mute.

eg. The patent wars that the west went through. Today you don't need to waste your time at the patent office anymore, it is very easy too see who has already done what your thinking about. Amazingly enough, you think that what you thought of is new, but a simple query to a patent database makes you find exactly or close to what you were thinking about already thier in the 1920's!!.


To me it's like asking - what's beyond the soup in a can?

Well thier is auto-reheat soup in a can. - already done.

Their is 3d printed vegetables in the shape of Elvis - already done.

Thier is pullig necessary molecules to build a vegetable, much like on star trek - It was art...but people are trying too acheive this for space travel purposes.


and Then thier is shite in a can.


By reading what I have wrote...what extrapolations are possible? ... and is it art?


eg. The word CAN is used alot.

Maybe I would believe myself tobe creative if I stick a Carrot in the Toilet bowl(can) and take a photo of it.

Do I apply some-sort of emotional context and sell it on Deviantart.com?

Do I apply a political context - eg. We are all full of it.

Comedy perhaps? - Leading a Horse to water?

A bit of Ascii art perhaps? - Maybe you have to hack into the bowl.


Now I am thinking of Bowling...maybe I could do some installation art, where the "occupants" are occupied by bowling into toilet bowls, and the balls are actually transparent and have items that have been flushed down the toilet throughout history in them (gold fish, alligators)


Art is easy...its all todo with who you know.

Art is easy...it's getting someone to pay for it.


Music industry for example: They got greedy thinking that just b/c people were copying thier valued music in MP3 format for free, that they should try too charge these people for it...what they didn't realise is that the people exchanging for free never really gave a toss about the art in the first place, and if you remove the ability too exchange it the art just DIES rather than living on. They also didn't realise that if the art wasn't promoted then most of those people would actually have more time on thier hands to create thier own....


It turns out (after iTunes) that the later case was actually true...thier are so many people that create art that it's value has dropped too Zero...and now the lawyers that were living off of the pinnacled famous are running around like headless chooks trying to figure out a way to justify thier existance in a world where art is overly abundant.


This is the demise of Hollywood and the record industry...and it's being driven by the internet, at first by iTunes, and then by Youtube.


Both of these leeche industries should have been more humble and accept the fact that alot more of us are artisitc than you think....and whatever value you can scrounge out of your famed entities you should be humble too accept: b/c the parents can always take the credit card away from thier teenage duaghters and MAKE THEM LEARN the Violin to play at your funeral.


PS: Did you know that alot of the aerospace industry do-not design by hand...and get the ultimate part design by asking a computer to do it.

Music is actually easier todo this on than aeroplane wing tips.


PPS: Mobile phones actually cannot be desinged by a human anymore. Rather it is just a server farm desinging iterations based on the cheapest/best chips available. ie. Mobile phones get designed per minute...and only the best ones get produced.

I envisage a future where there is only one chip manufacturer and the computer that designs those chips would take votes from the humans via facebook, on what chip you would like manufactured for this annum.

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Belated thanks, ErlyRisa, for your post which I saw today for the first time. I could comment at length on your post and the several topics and issues which it raises. At the moment, though, I am far too busy with life on several fronts. So, I will just post a piece I wrote in the last two days, FY possible I, at this link: http://cosmoquest.org/forum/showthread.php?155675-Swallowed-by-a-black-hole

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