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The Good Samaritan


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What this parable teaches is that humanity doesn't come from uniformity. By this I mean that it is the individual who responds to their conscience, when it comes to treating others with genuine charity. Because somebody is on the same side as you i.e. wears the same clothes, has the same beliefs, follows the same culture - it doesn't mean they will jump in and help you because they are 'supposedly' on the same side as you. Betrayal isn't really letting the 'side' down but letting your conscience down. This is really what is behind Combat Stress in my belief - abandonment of common humanity and having your eyes opened to the reality of the situation, shocking you into horrific wakefulness.

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Paige the oracle .. I rememmber you


Hmm yeah, interesting.




The problem with the Good Samaritan, is they are not needed anymore.


I say it should be Good Sumartan


ie. If I were to tell the story to a child and have to explain the word Samaritan, than, the story initself is now a discussion topic.

..but if I were to try to instill, the message perspective of the story: I'd use the words ... go and help your mother in the kitchen.

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