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  1. Watching a UK TV program called Eorpa (BBC Gaelic channel), which focused on France, it was stated that the French were now going from their well known svelte bodies to obesity because they have changed to fast food. I understand the Chinese are going the same way after importing convenience restaurants too. So could this be the simple answer - food that isn't nutritious enough for the body, creating a form of malnutrition or is it the steroids that beef up cattle or some other ingredient? Another point is why do some people end up overweight and others do not on the same diet - please don
  2. 2013 saw a burst of plant growth, including nuts and fruit, in the UK - could it be down to the alternating weather we’ve had of heavy rain, followed by bright sunshine, increasing transpiration through capillary action? Is this something that horticulturists take advantage of, to increase growth of plants undercover?
  3. This is a list of ideas I've had over the years about various problems and how to solve them - hope they are not all Heath Robinson!
  4. After reading about a TV program in the UK, on animal intelligence and seeing that communal or social animals are the most intelligent, this leads me to wonder if we make Go(o)d in our unity and the Devil by our disunity? In other words does society, working together as a community, make the world what it is and criminals working against that unity, not only destroy it but indicate that stupidity and selfishness go together as does intelligence and generosity of spirit? Think of expression as being pro-life and suppression as being anti-life / light: In other words outward movement in the w
  5. It doesn't act as a deterrent - conscience does. If we want what society has to offer, we control our emotions but when we reach the point of no longer caring, then anger and short term gratification takes over. Murder by the state is still murder, whether it's cold blooded and calculated (and sometimes wrong). We have to stop defining things as though termination of a life by the law is different to termination outside of it.
  6. What this parable teaches is that humanity doesn't come from uniformity. By this I mean that it is the individual who responds to their conscience, when it comes to treating others with genuine charity. Because somebody is on the same side as you i.e. wears the same clothes, has the same beliefs, follows the same culture - it doesn't mean they will jump in and help you because they are 'supposedly' on the same side as you. Betrayal isn't really letting the 'side' down but letting your conscience down. This is really what is behind Combat Stress in my belief - abandonment of common humanity
  7. Sorry for late reply: Margaret Thatcher also said she didn't believe society existed, just individuals. I personally don't think society is a pretext to violate rights but that it can be used as such by the unscrupulous. In other words the honest (innocent) work within society to improve the lot of the majority because they have a conscience i.e, awareness that is how things work, through co-operation and stop working through criminality (short term gain without regard for later repercussions upon the whole organism of society). It might be that individuals have the original ideas to inspir
  8. The parable of the tree of good and evil passed me by until recently as Ijust saw it as a story. It isn’t as if good and evil didn’t exist before but conscious awareness of it was created through this deliberate analysis of reality as was found in a Swedish experiment to do with rules or lack of them and accidents on roads. Conscious awareness is counter productive as it leads to a belief in there being a right and a wrong way to do things, which in turn leads to enforcement of those beliefs. In other words, it artificially creates conflict, instead of a live and let live attitude of tolera
  9. A study in Sweden found that road markings caused more 'accidents' than where none existed. This is because people stop being courteous and thoughtful, using their own judgement, when they start believing in rules. This is because they then believe that there is a right and wrong way to do things and that those doing it wrongly should be punished and they lose control of their emotions and therefore control over the physical world. Could it be that this ties in with the following statistic that although America is third in the world for murders, it would be fourth from bottom, if big citie
  10. Why did the third block fall in 9/11? Was it built by the same company or made by the same method, using the same materials, creating a kind of resonance? If this is not the answer does anybody know why it collapsed when closer buildings did not?
  11. Why does water from a warm tap make less noise than from a cold tap and why do the particles seem to cling together in a thin, cohesive column compared to the latter, which are usually spat out violently and in separate minor streams?
  12. Could acid reflux /indigestion at night be down, at least in part, to conditioned reflex (Pavlov’s dogs)? I base this on my own experience of thinking about food and it bringing these conditions on.
  13. I noticed that I had 35 midge bites on my right arm, yet only 4 on my left, in a bad attack day once. As they react to sweat I’m told, could it be that left handed people would find the reverse true?
  14. Could bumble bees seem to defy gravity through having a big body and small wings because they have a gas filled, balloon type body cavity?
  15. Can land snails repair their damaged shells?
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