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Google Chrome Flagging Scienceforums.com


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Thanks for the report, JM. I haven't been using chrome, and wasn't getting this warning, so didn't know about it 'til recently.


Your crack team of hypography admins are currently attempting to decide who can and should fix this, and how. I'll commence whining to our hosting service, Viviotech, as from the Google reports you posted above, it looks to me like our underlying server, not our hypography/scienceforums.com URL pages themselves, are causing the issue.


Meanwhile, as I read the reports, I don't believe anyone is at risk reading and posting, so everyone, please continue - though if you stopped at Chrome's "go back" warning, you're not reading this message, so ... oh my, we really need to get this fixed! :o

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I've followed all the steps I could find via Google's webmaster tools, including asking for a review of scienceforums.com. I've submitted a support form to our hosting provider.


I've not so far been able to find any details or get any tool, including Google's, to flag our site, so haven't been able to do anything that would fix this is it's something I should.


Hopefully I'll get more info and help soon, and the Chrome "malware ahead" alarm can be silenced.

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It seems that all that was needed to make this problem go away was asking Google, via their webmaster tools pages, to check again.


I did that at 2:41 PM ET (2041 GMT) yesterday. A hour later. I was getting nothing but "check back later" messages in Google webmaster tools, and today, I see no sign I did any thing at all other than a log showing where I played around "fetching as google" a couple of the URLs they reported as infected.


I think this was a slipup from Google - not a true scroogling, more of a step-on-your-toe-gling.


Apologies for the inconvenience, everyone. :embarass: On the upside, It gave me an introduction to the current Google webmaster tools, and a check to make sure I can still log on to hypography's host. :)

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