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Cure For Cancers ?

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Being very fond of wikipedia (I recommend you become friendly with wikipedia too, BL), my first stop after post#1’s linked-to movie promotion site was the Wikipedia article Stanislaw Burzynski.


According to that article and a sampling of the sources it references, Dr. Bruzynski’s cancer treatment has not been shown to be effective. Worse, many people report having paid Bruzynski’s clinic hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate in its clinical trials, the only situation in which the treatment is offered. As a rule, legitimate clinical trials of drugs and medical therapies pay people to participate in them, not the other way around. Even worse, although the clinic later apologized and announced they no longer employed him, a web services provider hired by the clinic send legal threats to various websites that published speech critical of it.


In short, the movie appears to me to be part of a very bad scam preying on people with cancer by taking their money while providing them no good medical aid.

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