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Moderate Alcohol Ingestion Before Test--Higher Scores


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Not sure if this was more Biological or Psychological--but since most Mental Testing lies within the realm of Psychology.....


Here is an interesting Article:




Not sure what to make of it.


Not sure how rigorous their methodology was.


Never been overly fond of Drinking. I have no Dog in this Race.....


But look forward to your comments.


Saxon Violence


A more Scholarly Source:



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I read a similar article a few months back about moderate Alcohol consumption improving one's ability to play pool. Personally, I think it is because alcohol relieves anxiety and nervousness. Anxiety can impair working memory and problem solving ability. When someone is put in a high pressure situation like having to solve brain teasers under a time limit, it is possible the benefit a couple beers might give from relieving anxiety would outweigh its decrease in problem solving ability.


I don't really think it has anything to do with creativity like the article mentioned.

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I have read through the links your provided and i was instantly asking myself did these test subjects switch seats during this process? Meaning did the drunks get sober and the sobers get drunk? It seems obvious to me and i am sure too many others that we all think differently, so there is a slim chance that perhaps the drunks were just naturally a little more quick witted then the sober crew.... Just a thought... My personal opinion on the article is, a premature release of information. My personal view on alcohol and testing is yes anxiety is gone but i only new as much as i had already knowen. Alcohol did not make me smarter it just helped me think more clearer because of the lack of "fear of faliure"

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Some old-Time Target shooters used to jokingly refer to a Double Shot of Whisky as a "Group Tightener".


Probably an Anxiety reliever.


Does a Modest amount of Alcohol reduce Heart Rate?


Remember the scandal a few years ago when Olympic shooter were taking Drugs that lowered the Heart Rate?


{Those Dudes shoot so accurately that Pulse upsets their aim. They wear those heavy-duty padded leather jackets to try to insulate themselves from the pulse.....


And when rule-makers caught on, they limited just how thick and padded a shooting Jacket could be.


I don't know about nowadays, but in the early days of Practical Shooting, you could have worn leather wrist braces, a Power-Lifting Belt and a 30 pound weight vest—if that's what you wanted to do...}


Don't know why I didn't think to mention this earlier.



Saxon Violence

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