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  1. If i have learned anything from this forum (besides that time post i made lol). Its that this is a place for old ideas... Basically if an actual scientist proved it and you are not trying to figure it out your at the right site... This is my last post... Its been a slice emile i grow bored of this site.... I think ill learn on my own once again lol... This long distance arguing seems un full filling to me... I just wanted to learn.... Instead i fought.... Take care man!
  2. Emile my friend lets face the facts together here k! Yes at the current moment your device is too small to do anything... We both know this turtle knows this! But if this device were to be blowen up to lets just say thirty times... Could you imagine the torque output? Its fantastic! Then you add lets say a wind turbine which imbalances the device such as your hand does throw in a generator... Voila! A tiny breeze creates energy with very little input... The fact is your on to something... Dont quite because of critics... Dont get mad either because of them... Ignore them please...
  3. To protect the religious freedom of all American citizens not just the Christians or the Jews or the Muslims or the Buddhists, but all Americans Jewish people are and do call themselves Jews. A single Jewish person is a Jew more than one Jews. They say " I am a Jew". the term in and of itself id only derogatory if used as such. Would you consider this wiki derogatory? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jews How about this page http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com/ or this one http://www.jewsforjudaism.org/. o I agree but when your reference is in relation to religion then the jewish people practice J
  4. i'm not going to got into the religious folks arguments about drugs, abortion, gays (or policies created to protect and grant them equality) etc. because, quite frankly church and state are separate for a reason, To protect the religious freedom of all American citizens not just the Christians or the Jews or the Muslims or the Buddhists, but all Americans. What exactly do you mean by religious freedoms of all americans? Oh and by the way Judaism is the correct term as well as homosexual, your terms are kinda racist... I am not a follower of Judaism i am an atheist,as well as I am straight
  5. Anyone see this before? How it works is a single strip of led's vertically aligned which rotates quick enough to fool the eye while changing color when required to display the image. I first saw this on ted talks. link for some mobile devices
  6. Fantastic read! And I am totally with you on the can't come fast enough!
  7. Its pretty much the same idea just more descriptive. Gravity device/machine A mass must be in a raised position in order to convert the force of gravity into mechanical energy. Raised position? Because it also takes into effect multiple possibilities on how the mass got there in the first place as in manually or by a flowing river on an over shot water wheel. The mass was not raised but it is in a raised position. As well a guillotine needs to be in a raised position and so forth.
  8. Chewbalka


    So i was kinda on the right path on the first post i started in this topic... Except there are limitations in order for advanced life to evolve. I would assume if conditions were right basic life forms could form on the planet you discussed earlier orbiting Alpha Centauri. But advanced life would have a rather difficult if not impossible time getting started.
  9. Great! Then we seem to have a definition that fits everyones opinion... So far... It is a rather short and open which suits the definition quite well... Since to be gravity driven is not a narrow topic it seems good so far... "Converts the force of gravity into mechanical energy" I am going to stick with this one if it is allright with everyone, mainly to keep it as simple as possible to prevent misconceptions or destortions of what is. As long as the device shows to do what the definition states, then it is by definition a gravity device or machine. Any points? Anyone? I am hop
  10. This all appears to be crazy talk to me! I never understand these formulas because I never know the values of the numbers as well as I have never been any good at math. I tried figuring out why I consistantly got the wrong answer on a previous post on thermal expansion but eventually just gave up... I was only off by a small amount but that little bit I am sure adds up when it needs to be accurate... I love physics but I need a giant cheat sheet just to get by lol. Well I am not sure what it is your doing on this topic but I am sure its smart guy stuff and it looks like ya got a good grip
  11. Chewbalka


    Wow i kinda got it! Lol i am proud of myself i usually look like a deer in headlights while reading these things lol ill keep contemplating things on this topic in relation to what i have just learned. Thanks Aethelwolf you are the first person to teach me something on this fourm!
  12. Chewbalka


    I have gave your link a read and I conclude that time is not real in the sense of how we think... And in order to think of time as time is not possible. It seems as though it is trying to say that time only exists because we made it so... I originally thought this process from the beginning of the post... I am assuming that I have terribly misunderstood the link. Overall to contemplate time one must view the entire universe at once... I know i can not do such a thing I can picture an inaccurate shape of the universe in my mind lol but thats about it! Aethelwulf can you clarify my misund
  13. K so this was the original. "convert the force of gravity into kinetic energy to power a machine." Reworded for one more time lol hopefully for the last! Not holding my breath these things take time... Gravity driven mechanism/machine. (Edit) "Converts the force of gravity into mechanical energy" Hows this? Turtle? Emile? It seems to fit? Any tips?
  14. I like it turtle... "convert the force of gravity into kinetic energy to power a machine." Simplest way of putting it... Now we just wait to see if this works with emile like you said. I don't see why he would not the only thing his device does not do is power a machine... Well its too small to do so... I am not sure if it were to be blown up to a much larger size would it actually work to drive something... I am sure some math can confirm that once it is running properly...
  15. Thats a good point so a review is in need. An outside source of kinetic energy imbalances, lifts or counters a mechanism in order to convert the force of gravity into kinetic energy to drive or power a machine. Hows that! An overshot waterwheel is an example of a gravity driven Imbalance A pendulum clock is an example of a lift A trebuchet is an example of a counter
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