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Fukushima Reactors Update


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You have notably avoided my question. I agree that you think the image shows the Pacific is in jeopardy. My question, simply, is what facts do you have to support that assertion? What measurements does the image represent? How is this so hard for you to comprehend?




How do you measure Radioactivity spilled into an Ocean Current??


All I can say is you better pay attention because the Reactors are about to go Chain Reaction.

Kaboom! - You got Thyroid Cancer all of a sudden... :headache:


Thank God if I'm wrong

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Ask that fool JM.

Get civil!!!


Maybe an inch on the map might equal so many giga-rads of Radiation that gets into your fish

Or it might mean plenty of other things. It's just a picture with lots of undefined definition. As it is it is pretty meaningless and posting it as some kind of dire warning is nothing but FUD.

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There is no mystery here. A google scholar search of fukushima ocean currents returns about 11,000 results. Just browsing through the first five, it seems plenty of people have been able to make measurements, contstruct models of projected contamination movements, and test those models. I've yet to see one report that either supports your image or your unfounded dire warnings.

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I'm done with this thread..


You want to piss and moan about some bullshit Map Scale, and Not really address the problems and impact and possible solutions, then fine..


This Fukushima Reactor poses a seriously grave threat not only to Japan, but the entire World.

So go ahead and **** off, because I really do care about the environment, and not about bickering with douchebags who need to have every little clarification.. Its not cut and dry and things aren't easily measured with this thing...


When your fish have 3 eyes and the dolphins start washing ashore, then I seriously doubt anyone gives a **** about some GoogleMap...



Done. Period.

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