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I Are Back (Aka Re Intro)

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Hi, anyone miss me? Probably not, but i have missed being able to rant and blog about stuff i do; if anyone is still interested, that is.


So there have been a lot of reason for my absence and i dont really want to get into them, but what i do want to touch on is what i have been into, what i do, where i can possibly be more of a contribution now, etc :)


So what do i do?

I am kind of a goto guy, i always have been, and i continue to be, i am the local DBA (i sometimes write crazy queries), i setup all the systems (physical and virtual) in terms of os, software, custom stuff, back ups, scripts, replication, what have you, i do a lot of coding, mostly php, ruby, java (Android), bash, java script, for various things that i write, from monitoring systems to reports for accounting and various customer-products and integration with things. I write firewall rules for all the individual boxes, and usually i get roped into other things, networking, mobile app development and stuff like that. I operate entirely in nix (linux, mac) and those are my qualifications as a professional, to add to that, i do some dc electronics (with microcontrollers usually), i've been looking into opencv i bought a kinect (no i dont have an eggs box) and i'm a general tech geek, infact i now participate (write for and appear on) a monthly local cable tv show (and its on youtube and interwebs and stuff), photography, stuff like that. Oh and i joke around a lot, i do :)


So this is a self re-introduction, i am going to try to revive this section, call your friends, get people, grab some pitch forks and torches, oh wait no, not that, and check this section out. My goal is to post at least one new topic every day (except for the weekends) and this one doesn't count for today :P

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Thanks guys, i actually missed being here, missed you guys :) Looking forward to some fun conversations :) Hmm now to think about todays post.


Oh Mr Turtle, i will check out that thread tonight, i'll try to take some shots tonight too. I actually haven't done any photo work, haven't had any time, but, that is not to say that i have gotten soft, i'll do some shooting tonight :)

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