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[tutorial] How To Make A Tutorial


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Hi all,


Ever wanted to make a tutorial but the thought of all those screenshots waiting for you pushed you back?


In this tutorial i have covered an alternative approach to the usual print screen method, which i hope you will enjoy, but remember that this is limited to only Win 7 OS's.

Capturing Screen Shots.pdf



I also have attached a smaller tutorial on how to log in and log out, just to show what it is capable of.


Logging In And Logging Out Of Hypography.pdf


I hope to see you putting in your tutorials on the latest,




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I don't have time to make a thorough tutorial right now, but if you're on a Mac this works fine if you need to create a screenshot for a tutorial, and then post the image here.


1. Press cmd + 4 to enter screenshot mode

2. Locate the top left of the part of the screen you want to copy

3. Click and drag the mouse pointer over the area you want to copy

4. The screenshot is usually placed on your desktop and gets a filename like "screenshot" and the date and time. It is usually a .png file.

5. Use the "Full editor" here at Hypography to post the attachment using the "Attach file" (this is not possible with the Fast reply form, so click on the "Full editor" button.


post-4-065334600 1283850054_thumb.png

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