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Religion as positivism


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In an article In The Daily Mail, dated September 29th last year, Rita Carter quoted from her work, 'The Brain Book' that religion is registered in another part of the brain by disbelievers, that houses feelings of rejection. Could it be that atheists are just disgruntled at the world for not fulfilling their personal needs? :shrug:

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...that religion is registered in another part of the brain by disbelievers, that houses feelings of rejection....


People who reject religion have feelings of rejecting religion in the part of the brain that deals with feelings of rejection?


You don't say.



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The "religion as positivism" idea is an interesting one. If I understand the term "positivism" correctly the implication is that religion is the pursuit of the conceptual ultimate state of positivity. Heaven would theoretically be that if the relationship holds true. While I dont think of myself as a religious person I find it hard to be argumentitive against the pursuit of greater human positivity and if it is true that all religions are based on that pursuit then surely there should be unity coming down the line if the standard of the objective is raised so that there is no opposition to the objective. If religion is designed to accelerate the process of creating a (universally) positive experience (and I doubt any of them would argue against that as a mutual ideal) then all inspiration should be able to be united. I mean there must be some circumstance within which it doesnt matter at all whether the strength of mind was lead to a new plateau by Christ or Budha. Its funny actually that the task of doing that sort of suggests that that somone would have to be so positive as to go beyond every prejudice while at the same time they might well require the support of every religion to their favour which in some senses would actually ultimately make everyone greater than the legends of the past.


I get the sense that there may be people who read this who will be itching to begin their argument for why all inspiration will never ever be able to be united when being really true to positive would suggest that advancing the chance immediately of it happening would be the better response. So if this is true the challenge is to stay true to being positive to the unification of all inspiration. Your thoughts?

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