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  1. The news from NASA is that there is an astaroid due to hit within the lifetime of many who live amoung us on this day. It is terrible news that nobody wants to hear or talk about and its likely that it will become a taboo subject. History shows us that wars end when there is a common foe and the Earth is called to a consolidated response. Its a real life mission of resolve that we all have to come to grips with. It is a survival challenge of the highest order which will test the strength of our inspiration to find harmony with positivity. We have never faced this situation before in world hist
  2. Some years ago there were reports in the popular media here in Australia that NASA had released information about an astaroid on collision course with the Earth. I am wondering if it was a true report. The Earth it seems has not responded as one in its own defence which is what should happen if we have come fully to grips with the situation. Does anyone have any information about this astaroid?
  3. I think the jury is still out on that one. Dont dismiss the possibility that some people can make conscious exploration of their sub-conscious. DNA is a funny thing and we havent really been studying its potentialities for very long at all have we. Its funny that some people will rule out a possibility without even giving it a second thought without knowing as complete truth that it was not possible. Maybe in your family knowledge cannot modulate into instinct at a survival level consideration but in mine it most certainly can.
  4. Well done for creating one of the most convoluted threads ever to appear on hypography! I think the real issue is whether or not a world government is a the right structure for this planet as a collective of civilisations to take. There are both benefits and there are downsides. Where there is a planetary challenge then you either need a situation where someone takes charge or everybody does to a basic model of conduct. The downside of governments generally seems to be that they create rules and regulations relevent to the scale of their consideration but often they are very small minded in
  5. There is some merit to the post because it is true that (in my humble experience) people with IQ's that are uncommonly advanced do struggle to relate with equivalency with other people. As I see it its simalar to say a person who spent 5 years constantly thinking about something in particular trying to then relate enough of all that they realised in that time with someone who has never given any consideration to the topic of the discussion. Even harder if nobody has had any thoughts before on a given topic. The conversation just cant advance for long enough to get to the point where one can be
  6. In reference to the advance of civilisation does it make sense to put common sense on the ascendancy and sustain that ascendancy? I am saying that yes it is. Whilst we have made some advances at a scientific discovery level in recent years those advances havent been matched with shifts in the level of common sense. Indeed there appears to be a popular conception that common sense is actually in a decline phase. If civilisation is to advance without error in reference to the new potentialities created by the scientific community we must also develop a strategy for putting common sense on the as
  7. The difficulty with...no "A" difficulty with philosophy is that while from time to time new concepts are released which advance the mind (say socrates for example) once thinking goes to that level and then advances the concept becomes virtually useless because its had its day. In response to "Is negativity critical,cool and courageous?" I doubt its either of them. In my humble experience it is easier to be negative than positive because it just seems to take less mental effort, less imagination. Maybe its just a modern glitch Im not sure. The other thing is that if one proposes a change to the
  8. Good point I would say there is a very large number of people who have noted a decline in common sense and the annoying thing about it is that it would seem likely to perpetuate itself. That is of course unless a way for enacting perpetually greater sensibility can be realised. To do that I think the objective would have to become widely thought about. My concern is that as the world becomes more intricate and complex the chance that all of that complexity can be held in mind (because of physiological constraints) becomes greater. So what I mean is that common full understanding of the situati
  9. Has science yet considered that emty space may have been seeded with big bang charges so that here there was a big bang which created what we call the universe but way off elsewhere in the emptiness the same thing was happening so that as each continues to expand they ultimately collide.
  10. Depends I suppose on what you wished to realise by the course of describing the moon.
  11. Ahh yes well see that would have to be something to have a resolve on as in maintaining consciousness. Same goes with immortality I suppose..can you leave enough behind to tune your thinking into again when you get back. I personally go for raising harmony with nature so that when I get back and realise the desire to tune into it it reestablishes full consciousness in the pursuit. Problem is that if someone screws up harmony within nature while I'm gone I come back more stupider. he says toungue in cheek
  12. Re clever ancients I would say they must have shared and developed their ideals quite freely.
  13. Interesting idea. My only present issue with that one is that it would suggest that there is an evaluation of potentiality done somehow in order to place people into the the universe that they have the greatest chance of being successful in. So what happens if you get hit on the head this changes the scope of what you are capable of..do you get put into another universe. Or do you say well being hit on the head by a golf ball that left Tiger Wood's 3 iron then struck a camera tower and bounced off a rock and then struck you on the head was something that was always destined to be before one wa
  14. Perhaps I might have been more eloquent if I had said "surpass the thinking of Christ". For instance what was he trying to resolve..was it resolved. To be more frank, while wishing to be fair, why hasnt anyone put in place a functional and understandable philosophy for experiencing every positive emotion at full intensity. To further my initial post the Sainthood idea was something that came up to change the general status quo so that we could understand the events post that event with a sense of relativity as to which of the various faiths were being positive and which ones werent. Having
  15. Something concrete. What about teaching a technique that subconsciously gave evrybody the ability to think one degree further past the point that they would have normally stopped at. The cumalitive benefits of thinking that slight bit extra in the advance towards a higher degree of perfection should add up throughout over time. I'm sure its doable to train the mind to be more additive.
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