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Airsoft = Electricity

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:eek: ouch! have you checked with school officials to be sure this is ok? gun+school=trouble?


theoretically though, attach a "paddle wheel" thingy to a small electric motor and wire it direct to a flashlight bulb. shoot impact the paddle wheel with the bb projectile. i think that ought to light the bulb briefly. :phones:


now, again, this has bad-idea written all over it. perhaps you can launch a ball of foil from a moustrap and hit the paddle wheel? :flying: shoot a spit wad outa a straw? (mmmm...maybe not good either. :doh:) drop a rock straight down on the paddle wheel!! :idea:


dude, you're gonna shoot out your eye! :painting: :night_moon: >> NRA Gun Safety Rules

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If the bb were a strong magnet


Magnets : United Nuclear , Scientific Equipment & Supplies


shoot it through a tightly wound narrow solenoid connected to a tiny LED (no ballast resistor). With a bb machine gun and a dry film capacitor you might pull it off... if the projectiles had aligned poles. if not, the induced voltages average to zero.

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