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Global warming debate reveals idiocy of Hypographers.


Obsessively battling Hypographers bitterly clashing swords of words


mass hysteria fed claims feed flames


the fears of the old times past laid aside for shiny new fears


dollar sign lit the eyes of the involved


to fuel a new and terrible resolve




ya that sucked but now it's in yer head so enjoy:hihi:



I for one intend to enjoy mocking the new theists of the GW world order and their battle against those that have a brain and are able to remember the last "GLOBAL" nightmare that was supposed to be our undoing if we did not act.

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I really gotta laugh


It's the same ol BS new cause.


Be it abortion, god, ID, etc.etc. when people decide to be passionate about a cause they become right and every other view wrong no matter how balanced the scales...nor which direction they are swinging


Normally reasonable people become irrational jerks.....fights break out...flames abound...and the buddy system only fuels the fire.....what a joke.


Even the mods and Admins. pop in with their ten cents and layer in their own disrespectful tone.....the rules remain but few refrain......such a lovely gang of jerks:hihi:

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Yes, the Robot Chicken crisis is a important but the real question is why can't we have an "Adult Swim" on hypo?


we do; it's called PostMagnet. >>PostMagnet - Index

Our off-topic forum for discussion of everything - not restricted to science.


it's clearly listed under "Other sites" near the bottom of the Forums page.:phones: there are no rules & i enforce them with an iron stub. :naughty: it aint for chickens. :hihi:

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What the hell is the big deal bout "organic" material....Ie. scientist find organic material on mars or organic solar cell?


How y'all enjoyin all this global warmin we havin lately?


Organic material is indicative of life or precursors of life. The first probe to land on Mars could not find any traces of organic material which seemed to indicate no possibility of life.

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