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  1. If we weren't brothers you'd be in a world of hurt right now:rant: [] BUT I'll forgive you IF You bring the beer;)
  2. Americas oldest brewery is here in Pennsylvania. How cool is that.
  3. HEY!!!MR.D!!!!! If you must drink would you please have your Mrs. hide your keys?!?!? 3 a.m. is not the time to rev your bike!! nor is it time to do donuts with said machine!!! Loud pipes might save lives but they also piss off your neighbors! Assmonkey!
  4. A big twin idling outback...Mr.D seems very eager for the snow to go:hihi:
  5. Still no hope nor sign of any sort of any improvement:eek: In fact I fear that the decline is accelerating:eek: I wonder how much it would cost to defect to Canada.:confused:
  6. :)Meh....have ye fergot dis one....:shrug:....... YouTube - Rush 2112 Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9QuGI0a2Lw
  7. What.....no shootin guns on "sleds"?!? No supermoto either?!?!? Blehgk!! :confused: If it ain't got a motor it ain't worth watchin':D
  8. There really ain't nuthin like that fender and tube sound iszer.....sum really heavy flange der too.....shoulda creamed it up wit a liddle chorus.....woulda ben lot swooshier:)......mabee a lil wah give it some quak:hihi: YAH!!!!! whup! Red Green on godda go!
  9. MMmmmmmm..... spaghettified..... With or without meataballs? Sausage? Only if you'll forgive my lack of knowledge pertaining to cosmology and real physics. That's good cuz I'm already taken. I'm guessing we'd still observe things as we always have...seeing as it's only the condition of the universe that are different.....you were implying that we'd be as we are yah? To me it would appear that we were screwed!....also that me trousers were soiled.
  10. How many forum posters does it take to change a light bulb? [yes I know of the research to fully explore this in great detail elsewhere]:hihi:
  11. Silly boy! Don't E-brake it you'll lose control if your wheels lock... better to downshift and then kill the motor (if you can without locking your steering.....even an automatic gearbox will maintain engine braking with the engine off....and no time is an appropriate time to panic behind the wheel.:naughty: of course it is never appropriate to panic bout anything:naughty: panic only leads to more trouble.:D
  12. Northern Spy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia My papa grows these...and in My humble opinion there is no better apple for any variety of eatin;)
  13. Now sir....it could very well be an ideal mix of alcohol vapor in the lungs ignited with a nice fwooosh!:hihi:
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