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Quizzes have been revamped


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I have brushed up our old Science Quizzes, and I need your help to check it out.


If you have the time, please head over to Science Quizzes and take a quiz (any quiz, not just the first one) and complete it. Verify that the solution listed at the end is correct.


If you find errors, bugs or anything, please post here and let me know. :)


(Yes, we have done this before...but I need your help again. And when all is sorted, new quizzes will come!)


Sponsors will notice that there are ads on the quiz pages. There is currently no simple way to identify sponsors on pages outside of the forum, so bear with me. :phones:

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I took the music quiz and noticed the following:


Question 3: It should be "what" instead of "that".


Pianos do occur in orchestra settings. Sure, it's not a traditional orchestral instrument, but the choices aren't clear enough, imho. (I chose "different category")


Harmonization can be different notes (in the same key-regardless of octaves).


"Rythm" is spelled "rhythm".


Other than that, the quiz worked fine.

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General Science quiz seemed fine - a little hard! (did I just admit that?).


I guess the covering of many areas makes it accessible to a wider target. Perhaps I found it hard as I am only doing entry levels now....


Did you have a specific target demographic?


Good on you for doing these, I love quizzes, I prefer it when they make me look smart though.

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