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  1. Just a wee heads up on the mycorrhizal fungi as discussed. VAM is a broad term that doesn't deal with specifics of major mycorrhizal fungi. The two major groups of mycorrhizal fungi are ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal. The majority of plants associate with one of the two, some with both. Ectomycorrhizal fungi are typically basidiomycetes with visible fruiting bodies. They wrap their hyphae around the exterior of root systems. Typical associations are with trees and perennials. In vitro propogation of most species fails or lacks vitality as they require a host plant. Many endomycorrhiza
  2. I think it deserves looking into. What weaknesses the body has are often highlighted when deprived of sleep - scars are enhanced, aches and pains appear, even lumps... The body in a non rested state might point out problems not normally manisfesting in a rested state. This may make early diagnosis of certain conditions a lot easier. I bet good money it affects blood counts of metabolites and more. This doesn't fit my study in any manner, whoever here is medical, and looking for an interesting study - take this observation and put it to good use please.
  3. Safety is paramount. I think there should be a few changes to synthetic species to provide peace of mind for those afraid of the implications when these organisms are used in the wider world. eg: Removing the genes responsible for transormation and conjugation of prokaryotes. Provided artificial cells reproduce via binary fission there is no real cause for alarm as the nth generation should still be the same as the first. Of course, then there's mutation. Transfer of genes responsible for DNA editing could help reduce occurence. As for plasmid and virus vectors - I don't know. The pap
  4. It is the coupling of exergonic reactions to endergonic that makes a cell's metabolism so efficient.
  5. Just a heads up on that paper. THANK YOU VERY MUCH kind people, for helping me out. Math 108 - A. I hope I can help others here in time as I get clued up.
  6. Ahh, the plot thickens (and confounds a bit). Perhaps the channel is coupled with another cellular metabolic event. I forget the name but one activity eg: bond cleaving, produces the energy to drive another. Much of cellular work is done in this manner. Balance and efficiency. In a similar vein, as the other protein (Na+/K+ pump with facilitated transport) exports 3 Na+ and only imports 2 K+ this would imply an electrochemical gradient is created that might be utilised by other processes like the channel proteins you are examining. Just theorising, hoping some edyarkated type will step i
  7. Sorry mate, was in a hurry and didn't read properly, love the links by the way. If the channel is a sieve the gradient must be higher (before sieving) and lower (in destination). Otherwise, it must be facilitated transport to work against a gradient. Feedback regulation is huge in cellular metabolism. Levels will be monitored and adjusted, no idea how but typically involves an allosteric protein in the pathway.
  8. "If the channel acts as a sieve then what happen to the local concentrations, inside and outside?" The K/Na channel is ATP assisted, so can work against a gradient. 3 Na+ ions are expelled as 2 K+ ions are imported. The protein channel is not a sieve, it regulates the flow of ions according to cellular/extracellular conditions.
  9. I never cared for anything or so I thought, now I'm studying ecology and I'm engaged, enthused and passionate about our planet. The young folks today are a lot smarter when it comes to sustainability. I have hope for our future, and marvel at the change in the general populations mindset this past decade. It's our corporate leaders who will screw everything up, these archaic old fashioned freaks with nothing on their minds but growth. Another word for growth is tumor.
  10. I always liked to shoot from the hip but I never realised I held a smoking gun. The fairy tale of Hell had me spouting truth as fast as I could think it subversion just would not do as I would roast and as a wee boy the very smell singed my nostrils acrid with fear. The foundation of my truth was a ridiculous lie, but I learnt to speak it so well you'd never see that the seams that held it together were actually cracks. I thought truth was the greatest thing but the cops lied when I stood in the dock and the truth I spelt out sent me down for some time. The truth has seen me assualted by
  11. Hear Hear. Use it or lose it. Brains and brawn. But in evolution? When speaking of evolving, we know that Dad pushing weights does not give son bigger arm genes. In that respect Dad not pushing weights does not make a wimpy son or pass on wimpy arm genes. The only way a machine that does our lifting would create humans with skinny weak arms is if weak skinny armed people got laid more often than strong armed people. It would have little to do with the prosthetic, only our opinion of the mating desirability of those with the prosthetic. We are dumbing ourselves down through television, n
  12. Very well put. The more intelligent/advanced we become, the more the concept of God must advance beyond what our intelligence can encompass. As we become 'godlike' the goalposts shift so that godlike is not within human capability. You can't impress the natives with fire if they have blowtorches. 1MYAP... 1MYBP = 1 million years before present. 1MYAP = ? :shrug:
  13. Having just come back from 1MYAP I can tell you: Creation is a board game, and old hat. Black holes are simply misunderstood. Religions are defined as early programmable psycho/social viruses. We hated the concept of God being supreme to us. That was the only impossible premise: We destroyed the religions. We destroyed their literature. We killed their Gods and replaced them with ourselves, the true rulers of destiny. We are the Gods of our own designs. Through our consciousness we are everything that ever exists.
  14. They keep you hooked, and months later, when your initial quit resolve has been whittled down to the skin of your teeth, that's when you got to dump the patches and go through withdrawal... Patches set up a psychological barrier for months (soon you have to go off the patches, you need them, getting quit is hard, follow the instructions...) Cunning product. Keeps you buying nicotine even when you are 'quitting' and keeps you thinking it's all a really big deal. It's not. It's all in your head. The only big deal is the fact it is poison. Our countries are run by people who care more for
  15. More questions... Where do I start to derive y= ln(x^5/5) I'm having trouble with the x^5/5 term. I need a derivative. Ah just answered my own question, I think... Do I use chain rule, and use quotient rule to get derivative of x^5/5 term, then solve? Please don't solve that one for me, it's an assignment question. Just a hint if I'm moving in the right direction would be appreciated. Also, if you have a term eg f (x) = 5 ; What value would I enter as f ' (x) ? 0? Two weeks to go... got 2 extra marks awarded in test, marker was wrong - 94%. Thanks for the help! Exams gonna be toug
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