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Where does intelligence come from?


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Just read 5-6 first Veda hymns. They claim that intelligence is not to surrender, not to bow before anybody. If there is pressure to be a slave to someone Else it should be avoided. 

I Samuel 25 tells about Nabal and David. Hebrew later gave the Word Nabal meaning stupid but actually Nabal is one of Israel's 7000 intelligent men Who never bowed down before Baal. Wisdom he had not. Wisdom to surrender before David. Wisdom is anti intelligence and vice versa. 

So be totally free and intelligent or be slave and wise.

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So what about the animals? Free or slaves? Is It not so that they kill each other puppies to keep everyone down. Lions for instance attack even elephants. And is it not so that men has made every animal a slave. Or what about horses? Only one stallion governs everybody Else and so on. Only birds are more free than the others. It seems to me that constant thread of Violence leads to slavery among animals and even among Men. So intelligence there is not because of Violence. 

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