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Sunlight Sterilization of Water

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Thanks guys :hyper: That's a good looking Archimedes death ray you got there, T :bouquet:


Growth medium looks pretty cheap $(10-20):


Nutrient Agar, Dehydrated | WARD'S Natural Science




alas it was almost entirely cardboard and once it got damp it wrinkled up & i had to pitch it out with the recycling. :photos: i have a design for an all-metal collapsible model bumping around in my head, however i now think it's a poor way to make charcoal. :bouquet: nonetheless, the reflector for water sterilization sounds like a great school science project to me. :hihi: :banghead:

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In addition to just painting it black, you can get much higher temps with the same amount of sunlight by increasing the pressure inside the glass. Granted, this may very well be beyond what Turtle wa

I think that info should give an idea if whether your UltraViolet Portable Absorption Sterilizing System (UV-PASS :)) should work.   According to the chart you link, bacteria need between 3620 and 220

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