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  1. Btw I'm really Happy that some folks can sit in a chair with their books and tell you "The World Is FLAT"
  2. Just a little bit more on my rant:) the average sedan or voupe has a base hp of anywhere between 110-130 hp and unless you peg your tach often you'll only use the peak hp 1% of the time so as far as the complaint of using more energy than your gaining or your robbing hp or power from your engine in the development of browns gas you'd be correct on paper only for the people out there that are truly making an attempt to live cleaner lives conserve the planets resourses ect ect furthering the engineering of a browns gas engine or supplementing your vehicles normal fuel source is a great way of
  3. I find it really funny and particulary odd that anyone would question the flammiblity or combustablity of hydrogen or browns gas! The mere thought of removing or even supplementing regular gasoline from an automobile is not only possible but is being used. The only problem with doing this is it would undoubtable crash the worlds economy mostly the U.S becasue of the absoloute depenency on oil and oil by-products. But most people cannot get past the first part. Can automoblies run on propane? Yes, proven. short example is you average forklift. Can that same engine be converted to run on oth
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