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Any astronomers???


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Originally posted by: Aki

Well I'm sort of scared to go on planes, so there's no way I'm going to survive on a rocket.


I understand the feeling but statistically I think that the probability for survival is actually much better on a rocket or a space shuttle than on an airplane. At least if you look at how many people die in each accident that happens...


Let's see...most deaths in space travel have happened during launch, of which almost all accidents happened before 1970, apart from the Challenger mission in 1986.


There has been one fatal accident on re-entry (Columbia).


Apart from that, no deaths. I'd say go to the Moon - nobody died in the Apollo missions.

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Seems to be universal, I guess. Astrophysics was my first major. I got disgruntled when

I kept getting turned down where I wanted to go. In my time the ratio was a 1000-1 in

getting from accepted as a freshman in college to getting a position with a PhD in

Astrophysics. It may be better now days. I then switched to physics. Work in Aerospace

now. I still have a passion for solving the ultimate riddle... :)


I too wanted to be an astronaut when I was about 6. Yes, my nearsightedness was a

detractor so I chose in high school to be a scientist.



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