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Hypnogogic spectre


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If hypnogogic and hypnopompic images are projections of our own mind into the outside world, why is it that last night my partner woke me with her nightmare, screaming that a monster was trying to get her, yet it was me that saw the image of it beside the bed? Suggestion playing upon my unconscious as I heard what she was saying but then why did I see something as prosaic as just a man with pointy ears? If telepathy, with me latching onto what she was seeing in her dreams, is this proof that this talent exists?:eek::eek_big:


Any other ideas that I can shoot down in flames or that somebody else can give a scientific or logically glib answer too? Or has somebody got an original explanation for this phenomena that doesn't require a convoluted answer, to squirm away from the facts and that doesn't beg more questions than answers?:shrug::doh:

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