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After twelve years of research and development, Guy Negre has developed an engine that could become one of the biggest technological advances of this century.

lefthttp://www.hypography.com/gallery/files/5/aircar_thumb.jpg[/img]Its application to CAT vehicles gives them significant economical and environmental advantages. With the incorporation of bi-energy (compressed air + fuel) the CAT Vehicles have increased their driving range to close to 2000 km with zero pollution in cities and considerably reduced pollution outside urban areas.


As well, the application of the MDI engine in other areas, outside the automotive sector, opens a multitude of possibilities in nautical fields, co-generation, auxiliary engines, electric generators groups, etc. Compressed air is a new viable form of power that allows the accumulation and transport of energy. MDI is very close to initiating the production of a series of engines and vehicles. The company is financed by the sale of manufacturing licences and patents all over the world.

How it works:


Our engines have attracted much curiosity and prompted many questions.

However, over the coming months, just before we begin serial production, we´ve decided to reproduce an unprecedented amount of information and data on the famous "MDI Air Car".

After ten years of research and development of pollution-free engines and cars powered by compressed air, MDI is proud to present CAT´s 34 Engine.

an exclusive technology for truly clean vehicles Engines :


A range of pollution-free vehicles

Innovative industrialization and commercialization concepts

Zero-pollution urban transportation concept

Power generation sets

Co-energy generation

Marine engines


The basic principles of the CAT´s 34 Engine


This engine was developed between the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2002. It uses an innovative system to control the movement of the 2nd generation pistons and one single crankshaft. The pistons work in two stages: one motor stage and one intermediate stage of compression/expansion.


The engine has 4 two-stage pistons, i.e. 8 compression and/or expansion chambers. They have two functions: to compress ambient air and refill the storage tanks; and to make successive expansions (reheating air with ambient thermal energy) thereby approaching isothermic expansion.


Its steering-wheel is equipped with a 5kW electric moto-alternator. This motor is simultaneously:

  • the motor to compress air
  • the starting motor
  • the alternator for recharging the battery
  • an electric moderator/brake
  • a temporary power supply (e.g. for parking)

No clutch is necessary. The engine is idle when the car is stationary and the vehicle is started by the magnetic plate which re-engages the compressed air. Parking manoeuvres are powered by the electric motor.


The CAT´s 34 P04 engine is equipped with patented variable-volume butts and a dynamic variable-volume volumetric reducer.


The dual energy system


The Series 34 CAT´s engines can be equipped with and run on dual energies - fossil fuels and compressed air - and incorporate a reheating mechanism (a continuous combustion system, easily controlled to minimize pollution) between the storage tank and the engine.


This mechanism allows the engine to run exclusively on fossil fuel which permits compatible autonomy on the road.


While the car is running on fossil fuel, the compressor refills the compressed air tanks. The control system maintains a zero-pollution emission in the city at speeds up to 60 km/h.


Source: Moteur Developpment International

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