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I'm hearing voices...


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Odd that no-one else seems to have mentioned it, but last night when I visited this forum at the silent hour of midnight my speakers suddenly boomed "Hello! Hello! Hello!" at me. The spaniel started barking, the ridgeback began howling inconsolably, the rest of the household rushed from their beds and a scream issued from the neighbours' house. I came within a whisker of needing a bath and a change of clothes myself.


Then, when everyone had calmed down and returned to bed, I opened another thread, and it happened again. Of course, I turned off my speakers at that point.


Today has been quiet - so far. What happened there, and can we expect an encore some time? :) The anticipation is unbearable...

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Some silly popup with smileys on them keep screaming "Helloooooo! - helllooooo! - helllooooooo!" at me every now and then when I open Hypo.


It's incredibly irritiating, but I suppose it can be solved by paying Tormod (who intentionally put that popup there for this very purpose) a few bucks and get the "Sponsor" tag under your name; in which case you won't get popups.


Tormod's a nice enough guy, but he got his dark side, you see.


But being opposed to any reign of terror, I simply turn my speakers down.

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