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The air is thick with sepia smoke, and smells of campfire.

I got nauseous just sitting outside.

Is there a big fire in Florida or something?

Someone told me Georgia, but I can't find any information on the internet.


Looks like silent hill...

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Guest chendoh

Yes in both places, extreme so'east Ga., and one just below Jacsonville.


The Low pressure system off the coast of Georgia is driving the smoke south of Orlando, and Tampa where my nephew lives, and then out into the gulf.


I saw a shot of it on the weather channel.


Two years ago, there was a Forest fire in southern Ontario, Canada, and the winds were driving the smoke all the way down here to Hbg. Pa. at first we thought someone was burning locally, but after seeing it on the WC, and putting up with it for three days, it finally cleared.


You and my nephew have our sympathies, its not pretty, and could get worse before it gets better.


Ga, fla fires - Google Search

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We have a big fire in Minnesota, up in and near the BWCA. It started on saturday, via a campfire and due to dry conditions, shifting winds, and a lack of access, the fire has grown to (no one knows for sure) an estimated 50 square miles.


Ham Lake Fire - BWCAWiki


News reports today suggest that the fire doubled in size overnight. It has managed to jump over lakes, and has spread into Canada.


Lots of things surrounding this fire concern multiple levels of government, but I think the #1 thing that sticks out is the fact there was no open fire ban in this region before this fire started. It has been an extremely dry spring in the northern half of the state (for the most part) and several years ago there was a huge thunderstorm which blew down thousands of acres of trees. Concerns have been discussed, regarding the tinderbox this area would become in a few years (now). Heres one dating back to 2000:

Boundary Waters: The Fire Next Time


BWCA Blowdown Pages


Permits to burn in this area were approved in 2001. 75,000 acres were approved. As I understand it, the dry conditions prevented some of these planned burns from taking place.


Monday (two days after the fire started), the DNR banned open fires in this area which includes campfires.


Starting yesterday (due to windshift) I have a tinge of pine smoke on the air and I am 200 miles away.


They have now closed most of the Gunflint Trail because of the changing direction of the fire.

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Number of structures burned, revised to 134, including 62 houses and cabins.


A 40 percent chance of thunderstorms Sunday, with winds of 15-25 mph gusting up to 30 mph.


Interesting article on a sprinkler system and roof changes that contributed to saving a bunch of places:




And the firefighters brought in refilled propane tanks to keep the water going. Bonus for both homeowner and fire fighters to be working as a team to keep this investment working as it should.

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