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Solar heat absorbers


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Can any contributers provide me with a list of substances ( natural preferably or synthetic) that can absorb solar heat effectively and release it slowly please?


References (books, articles etc) to such materials and their characteristics would be apreciated.

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Welcome to Hypography!


Concrete, granite or limestone is used in 'green' houses for just this reason. The larger the slab the more heat stored during it's time in the sunlight. Then the heat is released overnight to warm the house.

I am afraid I don't have a link for you about the specifics. I will see what I can find.

However, if you find any information from 'green' home builders you can likely find more information about it.

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Is there a lighter more flexible material ? say for covering a building or the space colony i am planning (As of now here http://hypography.com/forums/spaceship-design/11442-moveable-space-colony-blueprints.html)

for you know about the ozone layer depletion and those holes in it and the nakedness of my space station or any other satellite outside the earth's magnetosphere(i think that's what it's called)

i dont know how such silly thoughts come into my head


that explains it


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