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Anyone learning either/both latin and greek, maybe to be more avid scientists so that you have a better grip on terminolgy, naming conventions, or just so that you can name your own inventions/observations?


--> could start by listening to opera or peotry...


O Furtuna - Carbina Burana --great hippie stuff... also the first section ie O Furtuna, is great for lyric for the disspariaged scientist/artist... analysing the world, even though it was just the rantings of of some-one visitng germany during the renaisance, simply signing the guest book of the institution.

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I've learned some Latin through Wheelock's Latin (a trusty old textbook if there ever was one) and no ancient Greek thus far. For Latin, I'd eventually like to use it to read old Roman classics like the histories of Tacitus, Livy, or Caesar, and maybe Virgil's Aenid. For Greek, definitely Homer's two epics and Ovid and whatever else I'd be able to get my hands on. I'd also like to get a grip on some Sanskrit some time. I have a book. I'll focus more when life isn't shouting at me in the face.


I don't do hippie stuff. Hippies suck.

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