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Solving Global Warming: DANGER!


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I agree that the surface won't melt. But if Earth were to suffer a runaway greenhouse effect to the tune of having temperatures in the 400's, life as we know it will simply cease to be. ALL life will end, even the hardiest extremophiles can't survive that.


Besides - a hotter atmosphere can hold more water vapour, sure - but water vapour is also a greenhouse gas, heating the planet even more. The cycle feeds itself, and you can be as confident as you wish, if you take ten scientists and ask them what will happen, you will get eleven different opinions as to how hot it'll get, and if we'd survive.


If it turns into a self-reinforcing runaway event, we're screwed. Nobody knows whether it's the case or not, however.


I agree with your statements if it were likely to reach runaway levels.

However, I don't think that is likely at all. The earth has, in the distand past, had an atmosphere loaded with far more co2 than we have today. While I certainly wouldn't have high hopes of our species doing well in these conditions, or many other current species on the earth, life would survive.


I would be interested in any papers regarding the limits of global warming. Our planet is full of feedback mechanisms (positive and negative) and I have trouble imagining the earth won't return its atmospheric balance at some point.


However, you raise good points and I do thing that a runaway greenhouse affect is more likely than the original 'the surface will melt' supposition.

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