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The Origin of the Universe v.2


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So, think about this for a second:


We wonder where all the matter and energy and 'stuff' in general in the universe come from. But a valid counterquestion would be:


"Where else could it be?"


Don't answer right away, mull over it for a while.


..,but it puts a different twist on things if causality's your game.


Any takers?

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I think that the human race will still pondering over this issue long after I will be gone.

What scares me the most is. Lets say there is millions and millions Galaxies over the whole Univerce. WHAT IS BEYOND THAT?


Did the big bang really happened? What was there before the big bang accured.


I've got this very puny possibility of a theorie. What if the Univerce act the same as a magnetic field. Starting at one point (the big bang) travel through space over trillions of years and at some point enter the starting point again and start as a new energy. Maybe it sounds stupid, but I do theories a lot about the possibility.

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