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The Source Of Earth's Water

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#1 hazelm



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Posted 22 May 2019 - 05:04 AM

Scientists at Munster University find how water came to Earth


https://www.scienced...p Science News)



And, quite by coincidence, University of Hawaii gets into the act by demonstrating the chemical, physical and material formation of water on the moon.


https://www.scienced...p Science News)

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#2 Thoth101



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Posted 08 February 2020 - 03:09 AM

It just seems to good to be true that a planet as big as Mars gave Earth all it's water. And Earth is coincidently hit by this protoplanet Theia that had to be a full water planet. I really don't buy it. Something just don't add up.


Well I may be reading it wrong then don't the 2 articles conflict each other. The one article said the moon was made by Theia hitting the Earth. And the other article is talking about water formation on the moon.


Although thanks for the link to the website. A whole lot of information to read on there. :loved:

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#3 Flummoxed



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Posted 08 February 2020 - 06:18 AM

A lot of meteorites are made up of chunks of ice and other materials formed in suns. Looking at the moon, there has been a lot of meteorites impacting in the past. Hopefully there are no more big ones out there, waiting to ruin your life :)

#4 MargoTh



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Posted Yesterday, 07:58 AM

Just read an increibble article about lake Baikal, I didn' know this...


Sometimes I feel there is so much to know about stuff!

As it turned out during the research the Baikal in 2016, the largest freshwater source in the world by volume, it seems to have quite a few warm eddies flowing clockwise under the ice.

I love science:) Interesting read btw...