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Predicting The Future

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Posted 27 March 2017 - 01:24 PM

Why do we have so much trouble predicting our technological future? Somewhere around a hundred and fifty years ago, give or take a decade, we rode horses and wagons for transportation. I highly doubt the thought of space shuttles or ISS's would even enter the realm of peoples imagination back then. Today we understand how ignorant we were of the speed and dynamics in which our technological advances did transpire.


Is the same thing occurring to us now? What would be the equivalent of going from horseback to space stations from this point out to the next 150 years or so? If we mastered fusion energy? Found a way to achieve FTL travel for intergalactic transportation? Are we as ignorant of our abilities as we were a little more than a century ago? 


As we build ever smarter computers that hold the promise of compounding intelligence again and again, what technology is hidden from our imagination? And what things would you think must come about to match or out-do our advances of the last 100+ yrs.?