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  1. There are a lot of factors to take into account, yes there are laws such as moore's law which can give us an indication. However, with the amount of companies/organisations developing their own product which can swing the evolution of technology is a new direction. This makes it hard to predict.
  2. Jobs and money is a meme. People working to live, but living to work is depressing. I was reading a article about the law of averages. The law of averages is a cool concept. This showed me that you are going to run into sht with whatever you are doing in life. It's kinda reassuring knowing that it's mathematically justified.
  3. The dark web is just a meme. The dark web is pretty much just the websites that are not listed in Google or any of the other top search engines. This could be for legal/security reasons. But true, people have just got used to using Google to search the 'web'. All that happens is that you search Googles index.
  4. You know you are a geek when... You know you are a geek when you spend all day reading random articles online. You know your a geek when you reading up about lava fountains at 4 AM. You know your a geek when you spend hours of your day reading up about time and what happens within 60 seconds. P.S my 4 AM read this morning was very interesting. http://information-overhaul.com/video-post.php?id=8
  5. Google now has its fingers in all the pies. Every website will have a connection with Google, that may be just a simple result in the search query, the website may be using Adsense or analytics. Google may be a advertising company, websites may use Google to get ranked and get traffic but Google will have their own agenda. Big data is now a thing and its getting more and more popular. companies are now moving away from selling items and moving towards selling users data. We are becoming the product. Google have bought out robotic companies in the past and are continuing to do so. Google is g
  6. I tend not to install updates on my PC this this reason, the same goes with my phone. Every time i let a update happen something goes wrong. I wait for the bugs in the updates to get fixed before I update my PC/phone.
  7. There are real medial conditions where this is true, some people also have allergies to the gases in the air. These people do not live very long or live happy and fulfilling lives. It's a very interesting question you have asked.
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