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Is It A Good Thing, To Check One's Bad Self?

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Posted 01 January 2017 - 05:56 AM

It is the bad self that makes guns, capitalism, PC and communism bad. In each case, the bad self will exceed the objective limits of good people. The good self can coexist with all these things, since they love their neighbor and will try to be objective and fair. 


A gun is an inanimate object. If you think a gun has brain and feelings, your trip down the rabbit hole, is being led by your bad self. The good self will see this as an inanimate tool and/or toy and will limit its use to constructive needs and hobbies. The bad self will exceed these rational limits, and will use this tool to take way the rights of others, or they will fantasize that this tool is alive and can make them do bad things. The bad self tends it project onto external things. Checking the bad self is useful, but before you do that you need to make your bad self conscious. 


Relative to capitalism, there is a list of the top 100 companies to work for. These companies are all based on capitalism, while also meeting and exceeding the needs of employees and the community, The shows what can happen when the good self works with capitalism. There are also bad companies which exploit employees, create stresses in the community and the environment. This is what the bad self can do. Stalin was an example of the bad self using communism. 


The dividing line should be between the good self and the bad self, and not left and right, since both left and right have good and bad. However, with the bad self unconscious, each only sees the good in their group and the bad in the other group; projected. If all the good people, left and right came together, and isolated the bad, there is no reason all needs can't be satisfied.The bad will take too much, at the expense of others, so the balance is off center. 

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