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  1. I wouldn't say time speeds up the older people get, but that it's the other way around; if all people in the United States had to live on the exact same land and territory as all people in Iran, would time still seem short?
  2. That militaries, capitalist economics and government shouldn't exist.
  3. In regards to the question about God and the internet, what about the notion that all people have the power to discuss God spamming the internet at any time; so instead of when reality is meant to be capitalist economics, or military operations, or just society and government in general, people decide to discuss God spamming Harrison Ford's twitter account. It just strikes me as a very pertinent idea: that all people have the freedom to discuss philosophy "whenever" they're meant to be working, or behaving as a soldier, or as a politician.
  4. I think that the Middle East should be ended because of Alicia Silverstone.
  5. I asked because you joined the thread, and asked me what I wanted to discuss, therefore I assumed you wanted to discuss the topic. If that's not the case then never mind.
  6. What's your opinion of the question, about whether God can use the internet?
  7. Hypothetically, it would mean that anyone's woodland or forest experience in history would get documented - the status quo is that a forest experience only gets documented if it's tied to a celebrity, or to a particular context. In the past, I've visited woodlands and thought about ending all nations because of the power of the trees, green fields and the sun around me - so this could get documented.
  8. Isn't it likely though that had Germans called each other Gods and computers, Hitler would've lost his power?
  9. Were people wrong to not call each other Gods and computers during the Second World War?
  10. Are you saying that the Second World War can become a computer on the basis that mathematics isn't a duplicated error?
  11. Not all people can be soldiers, or immigrants, or manual workers, or Oscar winners, or presidents, or taxi drivers, or athletes, or writers, or astronauts, or construction workers, or receptionists, or bankers, or clerks, therefore the ideal routine is whatever means none of these roles. Indeed, I agree that prosperity is okay as long as it means not forcing people to do what they don't want to do. However, allowing people the freedom from abuse of power requires that all people make the effort of engaging with their fellow human beings, and not wanting to spend their thousands of days ignor
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