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Deforastation and Greenhouse effect


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I was reading some articles in the internet and I bumped into this one from a brazilian science magazine(I translated it using google,maybe it isn't perfect,but I don't think it will be much of a problem)


Translated: Translated version of http://ich.unito.com.br/65301


Original:Ciência Hoje On-line


Before reading it I thought deforastation had a big role related to global warming(maybe because of lack of study on the subject).But, since it was useful to me,I hope that it helps to take down some myths about this thread.

Thank you for your attention,and post something saying what you think about it:)

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Goodness...shocked in disbelief..and :D with disgust !


The study took into account...local changes in temperature...owing to deforestation...and in forested areas.


What right does it hve....and i do not know of any such extrapolative model..with which..this study can claim..that if local temp is not affected..the same is true for the "Global" weather.


Climate Change, of which global warming is a component...is way much too deep than this!

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Global warming helps reduce global warming. Let us assume global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuel. If the earth was to warm up, due to global warming, that would mean less fuel will be burned to heat homes, causing a net decrease in total global CO2 emissions. This will lower CO2 emissions and cause the earth to cool. This will require we burn more fossil fuel for heat until global warming saves us again.

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