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So last night I had my first session alone with my tutee, after she got this problem of the week done with her father. Spelling went well enough... Oooh, such a nasty cheat she is! :confused: :rant: After that we read a book together. I couldn't think of how to question her about the parts I read, but I made sure she followed along by pointing out my position at all times. I hope because we are gaining a rapport, that she did not complain at all like she normally does with her mother and father. Time can only tell though.


For the Science Fair coming up, she has decided against the flower colorings (sorry C1ay), and wants to go to the fair with a live experiment. So we have the list narrowed down to Underwater Volcano's, or How to keep liquids cool/Making Ice Cream.


For the former we found an experiment that shows how the hot water from a volcano rises up and smokes around the much cooler water surrounding it. I am straining my brain trying to think up an easy subject to talk about for this, without entering into Hydrothermal Dynamics. I doubt she could even pronounce that.


The latter is quite simple really. Showing how to cool/freeze stuff without the need for powered refrigeration. ;)


However she is hyped about the volcano experiment. Can anyone give me some ideas of how to work with this? :hihi:

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