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I agree, but what would the real problem with currency having "God" on it be?


Maybe you haven't read the dollar bills in you pocket lately. If you pull out a dollar bill and

read the back it say, "IN GOD WE TRUST". This is a way (thought when this was put on)

to insure that paper money was as "good as gold". Of course if you're an atheist, "not"

believing God, could make you upset about spending it. This is also said on coins as well.

To me, money spends just the same whether you believe in God or not. Then again, a

friend said you could use plastic, then you only have to depend on the bank that issued it. :hihi:



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I meant no disrespect to atheists, but I never understood the problem atheists had with "god" on money. Would you change the U.S.'s Great Seal also?



The Latin above the pyramid, ANNUIT COEPTIS, means "God has favored our undertaking."


While I understand that it can be viewed as an endorsment of a religion by the government, I prefer to accept it as the governments understanding that most people in the democracy are christian, and I think that it is a small way for them to pander to their constituents, which is the hoped for outcome of a democracy, that the people in power serve the electorate, not the other way around.

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