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If you have problems logging in, do not receive the registration e-mail, have problems signing up - or otherwise need assistance, feel free to post a request for help here.


Make sure you explain what the problem is.


If you do not receive the registration confirmation e-mail, make sure that mail from hypography.com is permitted by your spamfilter.


Please stay calm and don't shout at us - we want to help everyone but we are not the Masters of the universe so please be patient.


Here is an example of a post which will get you banned... :wink:

What the Hell is going on with you people. Your e-mail states it will expire in 24 hours. I received this at 0808 on Dec 4, 2004. I clicked on the link at 0830 hours and was informed that the 24 hour period had expired! My addition says this is 30 minutes not 24 hours. Where did you go to school? Straighten this out or color me bye, bye.


...which was then followed up by this:


It is painfully obvious you are as stupid as your clock. If you ever get past Kindergarten try to get your idiot website fixed, either that or hire someone that doesn't have their head stuck so far up their *** they will never see daylight again! Ta, ta jerk!




We maintain this forum in our free time and nobody is getting paid for anything, so save the arrogance for some other time, okay?

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