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Depending on what angle you are interested in, I would highly recommend Skeptical Inquirer, "The Magazine for Science and Reason". Though your parents might not be happy with it. :-) While there are some very interesting mags which cover any variety of Science(s), this is the only one I know that approaches the philosophy of and the critical evaluation of a variety of scientific issues. While it does cover "new" science issues, if you are most interested in what the altest findings are, this is not the mag. But if you want to look beyond the latest press releases, into how or why various things are investigated and how science is often misused, distorted, abused and outright fraud, I know of nothing else close. You can find out more and read articles at:




It is published by CSICOP (The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal)




It's Fellows list is almost a Who's Who in Science around the world.



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'American Scientist - the magazine of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society'


It's my favorite subscription, though I'll admit I indulge in 'Popular Science', 'Scientific American', and 'Popular Mechanics' aswell.


web http://www.amsci.org/amsci/amsci.html


check the current issue. 'Could an unconventional coolant enable reactors to burn radioactive waste and produce both electric power and hydrogen?'

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Originally posted by: Aki

What is Sigma Xi anyways?


The 18th and 14th letters of the greek alphabet, respectively.

It's a society of scientists, think of it like a frat you never leave; EG the famed 'Skulls'. I don't know much more than that.


The mag itself is monthly, contains some of the more interesting hard science articles I've seen since Sci-am's 3rd most recent editor retired. I'm sad to say SciAm and PopSci have lost a lot of their luster in recent years, whie AmSci has only impressed me with is informative (and NEW) ideas and information. Check you local 7-11 if you want to peruse a paper issue, they usually carry a copy.

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