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I'm not sure you are allowed to quote 8 full pages out of a book, even if you do give a reference.

Yes I see it's been removed. Go to the link I've provided and you will see it is available publicly and does not indicate it is copyrighted.


This information needs to be disseminated so people become aware of the issues.


This book (or the DVD) is a must read for anyone interested in evolution and truth.



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'god' could have designed a universe that tricks all perceptive attempts by its very nature. personally i think alot of the fuel for the raging debate of god vs science is caused by scientists trying to be philosophers as well. creationism may be a bogus science (i certainlly believe it to be) but instead of letting this be the focal point of the issue many people push on in a futile attempt to 'prove' that god does not exist. waste of time and energy that only creates more distance between groups and problems i think.


I think you hit the nail on the head!


I personally believe that creatonism is not bogus science at all; and that those who are determined to eradicate God from all thought and disscussion are the same ones who have forgotten what it is they are trying to prove.


If evolution is true, then eventually the truth will be known by all, and there will no longer be a need to prove that God does not exist. Then they can finally relax in the satisfaction of knowing that all of their painstakingly accumulated wisdom will go to the grave with them when they cease to function. What a happy ending.


In the meantime, why is it that so many scientists would rather spend thier precious time proving there is no God, rather than searching for the illusive evidece that will finally prove thier point?


Hopefully it will be a less complicated exlanation for why we are here than the ones we currently cling to, that are obviously so far out there that you can't even begin to fathom the explanation without years of technical training and a willingness to ignore the obvious; in favor of some increasingly complex, mind-boggeling conundrum that ends in a grandious lack of final proof.


And why do they often seem to get so angry about those who have a contrary viewpoint?


God only knows!

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