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Deciphering a soap code

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I really need some information on what on earth this means.


Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distilled


FFA - 50% min

MNI - 1% max

TFM - 95% min

Acid value - 230 min

SV - 240 min

USM - 1

IV - 19 max

Titre - 20-28




Palm Fatty Acid Distilled


FFA - 50% min

MNI - 3% max

TFM - 95% min

Acid value - 175 min

SV - 198 min

USM -1.5 max

IV - 50 min

MP - 53 max


Here is what I already know.


This has got something to do with soap making.


FFA - Free Fatty Acid


TFM - Total Fatty Matter


Here is what I need to know.


What the short forms are in full and what they correspond to.


Which, out of the two, is more viable for making soap.



Please, people, post any info about this that you may feel is useful.

Anything at all!

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The acid value titrates the carboxyls which will become the active soap. Iodine value (IV) measures unsaturation. The kernal product will give you an active hard soap that does not spoil. The second product will give you a milder softer more emolient soap that may go rancid over time.


If this is more than hobbiest you want to talk with your technical people - the old farts. That they know what works is not as important as they know what does not work.

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