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Measurement of feelings


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Can you ask your question differently? I really have no idea what you are trying to get at.


A few points (from trying to extrapolate your meaning):


Hormone release is dependent on the individual, not necessarily the act. While there may be similarities across those who comprise the center of the bell curve, there will always be outliers. Essentially, some people may have greater hormone release with the 3-way, some more hormone release with one partner, others might have greatest release while masturbating. Just depends.


Another point is that the release of hormones can be sensitized. You could 14,000 gallons of happy chemical, but if you're sensitized to it, or you have faulty receptors, or any manner of neuropschological issues, it won't matter.


Hmmm... it's tough to answer a question I couldn't follow, so I'm going to stop there. Let me know what you meant and I'll see if I have any insight for you. 400% better than what? Subjectively or just 400x as much? Ya dig? :)



Cheers. ;)

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