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Abiogenesis anyone?


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Originally posted by: IrishEyes

I'm calling your son and telling on you!!

Your starting to sound like my daughter. She tells my son that she wants him to let me off work earlier so I can get home earlier to make supper!

I think we may be near the same place on some of these issues, but are both just too stubborn to see it.

Actually YOU are stubborn. I am just defending the correct answer! :-)

Also, I still assert that there were no ulterior motives for this thread, and it does bother me that you keep insisting otherwise.

I accept (now) that you did not have ulterior motives. But remeber the history here and you can underrstand why we might have assumed otherwise originally.


But we need to stop wasting time and space discussing that aspect directly.

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You asked me why it was alright for some to say I don't know, and not for others,... and I promised a well thought out reply. Alot has transpired here since then,... but I'll still give it a try. Keeping in mind that the discussion is about a natural origin of life or the most common rebuttal,... creation, I will try to explain what I see as the reason for the inequity. You will not like this, but FT actually touched on it earlier but not quite in the words I would use.


Abiogenesis is an hypothesis that is based on factual evidence. We do not arrive there blindly,... just thinking, HEY,... this ought to answer everything. Even though we don't know all the answers, we do have evidence that predicts abiogensis must have occurred. Evolution leads us to abiogenesis,... and like it or not, evolution is a VERY WELL tested theory. We cannot and should not dismiss it's implications. So when I say there is much I don't know about the natural origin of life, it is backed by much that I do know.


On the other hand,... creation has no factual evidence to support it. I am not trying to disprove it,... it just simply doesn't carry any weight for lack of evidence. YES, I KNOW that many consider "evidence" to be a subjective thing. I don't.


I hope this makes sense to you. I truly have nothing but the most noble intentions here. If I can clarify any point,... please ask.

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I hope this makes sense to you. I truly have nothing but the most noble intentions here. If I can clarify any point,... please ask.


As is so often the case, you makeperfect sense, Unc. thanks so much for sharing your POV, and I will respond to both you and FreeT after I have given all of the recent info some time to digest.


The posts in this thread have given me much to think on, and I'm thankful. I don't think you guys have arrived at ANY conclusions easily or without much deliberation. And though I may not agree with the conclusions you have reached, or with the things that you accept, that does not mean that I have disregarded your opinions as valid. I have an enormous amount of respect for all of you, and it has grown with this thread (especially within the past 36 hours or so).


"I don't know" is one of the most frustrating answers for me to hear as a parent, but it is also one of the most honest answers any person can give. I think it would serve us ALL well to remember that, and to accept "I don't know" as an answer to be respected instead of scorned or ridiculed.


Thanks for your input!

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