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Happy Easter!


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How come my Good Friday got moved to Watercooler, while Easter is ok in announcements??

Its all the same Holiday, ain't it?:steering:


Happy Easter Folks!!


I miss the days when me and my brothers used to look for Easter Baskets and present laden plastic eggs around the house and yard! :hyper:

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Easter Eve is upon us, and that means the family gathers and dyes hard boiled eggs! It is like family chemistry night. Tonight the Rooster Bunny comes and leaves aggs and candy for everyone. Tomorrow comes the egg hunts, and the cndy sneaking (eveyone knows that you have to eat breakfast befor you can eat any of your candy!). What a cool tradition. An excuse to foget the bothers in the world and arrange fun festivites for everyone who feels young enough to enjoy them.


Happy Easter Everyone!




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