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Endless combinations?


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Say that the human race flourished for a very long time, would it ever be possible that combinations of gene types like faces, would run out? if a species had existed for so many many years, combination of genes and dns ran out (sense no 2 life forms are the same). And if this is true, would then evolution occur?

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Maybe it's more like phone numbers - they just get recycled. But since the combination possibilities are so vast, nobody would actually notice when one gets recycled.


Anyhow, I have nothing to support this, and it is just a quick guess. Really, I'm trying to get this question back near the top, as I'd love to see what others have to say. I've never seen this question before, and am interested in other responses. Hopefully someone else will even possibly have some 'facts' to back up their answers. Sorry I couldn't help in THAT regard.

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