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Can somebody tell me if there are experiments in view to test neo-darwinist theses..like with bio-engineering..inserting genes or complete chromosomes to see if there is a (smooth) transition between known species...?? Is it allowed, or even technically possible ? Don't you think also there is an endo- and epigenetic process involved ?..so that if you fell against a creationnist..you say it's endo..no possibility to modify the code...and if you meet an evolutionnist..you say it's possible that external influence modify the code..??

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Well Right now our experiments are mainly in mapping the genetic codes of several seacies (or atleat the core genes that make a mouse a mouse while a rat is a rat) once we have accurately mapped more than just a handful of the rediculous amount of likfe on the planet we may be able to start making educated guesses.

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Maybe the aim of the billions bags market of genetics is to make expensive DNA-dependent medicines...?



While I'd like to disagree with you on this one, part of my cynical side agrees.


Thankfully though most geneticists don't feel the same way, and are committed to trying to locate certain genes that are responsible for whatever ails us.


I worked for a short time in the Department of Medical Genetics, and had the opportunity to come to know the then Chair of the Department Dr. Diane W. Cox. She was unlike most of the pompous asses you meet in Universities and her mission was personal.


Her father had suffered from the disease, and if memory serves passed away as a result of it. Her lab successfully cloned the gene in 1993 which shed new light on how copper is transported out of the liver, and how a defect in this gene leads to this disease.


With that being said, without research there wouldn't even be a marketable drug (which while makes the drug companies money)....it also provides a better quality of life for patients suffering from these maladies. It's a catch 22.

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