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  1. Sorry for not being on in awhile, my Fiance's 11 year old sister was murdered and I have been trying to take care of her. It is amazing how your world can turn up side down so quickly...
  2. I actually found the book Angels and Demons very intriguing not because of the religious back ground but because it has you guessing through the entire book. I think it is a great mystery novel.
  3. Angels and Demons was definitely more intriguing. But in accordance to the Da Vinci Code was based on a theory about the relations between Jesus and Mary Madilin which the Catholic Church tried to suppress whether it was true or not is not certain.
  4. culture can lead to evolution?
  5. thank you for clarifying Freddy! I didnt know that. I was always under the impression that Bin Laden was leading the attack on the soviets. So he was just part of the resistance? But to this day what i do not understand, if we helped liberate his country from the soviets, why did he attack the US? LaurieAG I have never heard that saying before, I like it. I must remember it:)
  6. being one of religion I cannot completely agree with you, my friend, but I do understand what you are saying.
  7. i understand. but could it still reside in the brain. i mean couldnt it just be part of some receptor that makes us think. I mean basically all it is is thinking what is right and what is wrong (unless you get religious and then it is something that is transformed into whatever they want you to think it is) I mean since all it really is is understanding what to do and what not to do then could it still be part of the brain? Does that make any since? I feel like I am just babbling
  8. Sooooo... Santa Claus would be defined as a myth?
  9. Freeztar this is why i refrained to talking about religion in the biology forum. I was not talkin off-topic I was asked to explain what it was and so I did. I was explaining why the soul is an important difference between homo sapiens and other species found on this planet. Is that not related to biology?
  10. Speaking from a soldiers perspective, the war on Iraq was costly but it is a risk that almost every US soldier is willing to take for his or her country. Will we invade Iran? according to my Colonel it is a strog possibility. According to him we will invade Iran within the next four years, depending who is sitting in office. But we will invade Iran almost the same way that we invaded Iraq. We will bomb key targets that will cripple their military, and then we will rely on a massive land invasion sweeping in from the west. Yes, Iran has an efficient airoforce, but so did Iraq. Yet NO aircraft w
  11. well welcome to the forums. I hope that you enjoy your stay here at hypography!!
  12. sorry let me first specify what exactly a soul is. In many cultures and religions the soul is believed to be the unification of ones identity. For Christians the soul is an utter mystery giving them belief in a supreme being that has given them this "gift". Buddhists believe that the soul never dies that is just recycles through the process of reincarnation. Scientology, which was considered a religion in 1993 by the IRS, is the practice of rediscovering the soul. But still their is the underlying question, what is a soul? What is it's importance? According to religios fanatics the soul allows
  13. The difference between humans and other animals is the soul. While other animals select their mates because of their traits, we select our mates because of love. In today's society there is no such thing as survival of the fitest. Those who are too weak to make it on the world can go to doctors who will give them some medicene that makes them better. What humans are known for is their adaptations to different climates and environments. No matter where you go, some one will be living there. Now for my question. Is adaptation to the environment in which you live considered a type of evolution? A
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