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Gravity Is Or Is Not ?


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Aren't two magnets repelling eachother kind of like a gravitational inverse? I don't really understand the dynamics of magnets so, I have no idea if this statement is legit...:(


No - magnets attract or repel due to the electromagnetic force. The relationship betwen eletctromagnetism and gravity is as of yet unknown.

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and how does nothing--gravity, no mass, no particle, attract something: the moon to the earth? we know it is mass, but what part of the mass?


According to relativity theory, gravity is a feature of space-time. Objects curve space around them according to how massive they are. Thus the sun creates a "gravity well" around which the Earth travels.


All objects attract each other gravitationally, but the smaller the object, the smaller the attraction. Thus atoms do not bind through gravity but through chemistry. The subatomic particles are bound to each other via the weak and strong nuclear forces.

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