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Originally posted by: CD27

ok...i hope my computer didn't spread it....tim, what EXACTLY does ad-aware do? i just downloaded it, it said it detected 1303 objects, i qarantined them, and it said it "deleted" the objects..but i really don't see what i did. could you please explain.







it deletes the "adwares" in your computer.

including informatio of these adwares in reg,

the files itself....


adwares are some "harmless" (not doing big harm) softwares that are automatically installed in some websites or when you install something... (but you dont want them there...)

their purpose is mainly for information gathering and advertising some products....


i cant believe you got 1303 objects!!! oh!!! my~!!!

the first time i checked was like 30 objects....

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also, this software is recommended in some other forums (software ones)


i think its good, at least it makes you feel better lol...


also, i suggest you hit run--> type "regedit"


searching for some start up folders and see if there is any unwanted software... (be sure you know which is "un-wanted")


i always find some virus-like stuffs in there... and i delete them by myself....

(i do it all the time so i know which one is the "good" one and which is the "bad" one....)

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well, you see, my computer is REALLY REALLY slow. it takes up to three minutes to load one page, and that's if it's doing good. the thing is, i got alot of memory left on my computer. i suspect that i have a few viruses on my computer. my brother showed me a program that may help. he tested it for me on his compujter. he told me to go to google and search for jsut any picture. so i did, within the fisrt three seconds of viewing it, his computer slowed down 20%. he used this program called spykiller, and whiped it clean,a nd his computer was back to normal. if you go to the web site, http://www.spykiller.com, it will give you a free scan of your computer, for thirty days, if you don'y buy the program by then, it deletes itself. i downloaded it, but i don't have any money well, i do have money, but you have to uise a credit card for it, or a money order, io can't get a money order, and no one i talk to will give me their credit card number so that i can buy it. i've got the money, i can pay them right then and there, i don't know what their problem is.


when i scanned my computer with spykiller it registered about 818 spywares on my computer. i used that ad-aware program, it registered 1303 objects on there, and i was able to clean my system of those since it is free, but my computer didn't go any faster, and then i did another scan with spykiller, it still registered 129 spyware. do you know any programs that you don't need to buy to clean your system that i can download that will make my computer faster, and clean off al the viruses on it? i would absolutely be your best friend then .



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